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bool KBluetooth::DeviceAddress::operator== ( const DeviceAddress b  )  const

Equality operator. Tests two device addresses for equality.

b the DeviceAddress to compare to (right hand side)
true if this and b have the same address or if both are invalid, false otherwise

Definition at line 74 of file deviceaddress.cpp.

References bdaddr, and isValid.

    if (isValid == false && b.isValid == false)
        return true;
    return ((bdaddr.b[0] == b.bdaddr.b[0]) &&
            (bdaddr.b[1] == b.bdaddr.b[1]) &&
            (bdaddr.b[2] == b.bdaddr.b[2]) &&
            (bdaddr.b[3] == b.bdaddr.b[3]) &&
            (bdaddr.b[4] == b.bdaddr.b[4]) &&
            (bdaddr.b[5] == b.bdaddr.b[5]));

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