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bdaddr_t KBluetooth::DeviceAddress::getBdaddr ( bool  networkbyteorder = false  )  const

Converts the DeviceAddress into a BlueZ bdaddr_t.

networkbyteorder if true, the address is returned in network byte order.
the address as bdaddr_t

Definition at line 60 of file deviceaddress.cpp.

Referenced by KBluetooth::RfcommSocketDevice::connect(), KBluetooth::ScoSocket::connectToHost(), DeviceAddress(), KBluetooth::RfcommServerSocket::RfcommServerSocket(), and KBluetooth::ScoServerSocket::ScoServerSocket().

    bdaddr_t ret;
    if (networkbyteorder)
        baswap(&ret, &this->bdaddr);
        ret = bdaddr;
    return ret;

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