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KSync::IrMCSyncThreadBase Class Reference

#include <irmcsyncthreadbase.h>

Inheritance diagram for KSync::IrMCSyncThreadBase:

KSync::ClientThread KSync::AddressBookThread KSync::CalendarThread

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Detailed Description

Client Thread. The Worker OBEX client thread. Note that this QObject is only accessed from the client thread. It is used to report events from the working thread. This QObject will be the parent of all QObjects in the working thread. It is in no way connected to the QObject in the main thread.

Definition at line 50 of file irmcsyncthreadbase.h.

Public Types

enum  {
  TerminatedEvent = 46666, FinishedEvent = TerminatedEvent+1, ErrorEvent = TerminatedEvent+2, ProgressEvent = TerminatedEvent+3,
  SynceeReadedEvent = TerminatedEvent+4, SynceeWritedEvent = TerminatedEvent+5
enum  Command { ReadSyncees, WriteSyncees, TerminateThread }

Public Member Functions

bool checkAndSetDirs ()
void getCalendarChangelog ()
void getCalendarRecord (Changelog::record curRecord)
void getChangedEvents ()
void getCurrentChangeCounter ()
void getDeletedEvents ()
QByteArray getFile (const QString &)
bool getInfosFromFilenameWithDeviceLUID (const QString, QString &, QString &)
bool getInfosFromFilenameWithLocalUID (QString &, const QString, QString &)
void getInfosFromReturnedHeader (QValueList< QObexHeader >, QString &, QString &, QString &)
void getInitialCalendarChangelog ()
void getRecords ()
SyncEntry * getSyncees (const QString &fileName)
 IrMCSyncThreadBase (const QString &, const QString &, const QString &, const IrMCSyncHelper::Device::Model, QObject *)
void loadChangeCounter ()
bool readSyncees ()
void recreateFullSyncee (bool)
void run ()
void saveChangeCounter ()
QValueList< QObexHeader > sendToDevice (const QString &, QByteArray &, bool modify=false)
void setObexClient (Client *)
void writeAddedModifiedEntries ()
bool writeSyncees ()
 ~IrMCSyncThreadBase ()

Protected Member Functions

QString GenerateFullPathFileName (const QString &)
virtual KSync::Syncee * localGetEntry (const QString &)=0
virtual void localPutEntry (KSync::SyncEntry *, const QString &)=0
bool printuids ()
virtual KSync::Syncee * rawDataToSyncee (QByteArray, QStringList &)=0
virtual QByteArray syncEntryToRawData (KSync::SyncEntry *, QString &)=0

Protected Attributes

QString appName
long changeCounter
Changelog * changelog
QString databaseDir
QString databaseId
QString deviceDir
QString extension
QString fileType
KSync::Syncee * mChangedSyncee
KSync::Syncee * mDeletedSyncee
IrMCSyncHelper::Device * mDeviceHelper
KSync::Syncee * mReadedSyncee
KSync::Syncee * mSyncee
Client * obex
QString serialNumber
uint SyncAnchorType
KonnectorUIDHelper * uidHelper

Private Types

enum  SyncAnchor { ChangeCounters, TimeStamps }

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