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QObexArray Class Reference

#include <qobexarray.h>

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Detailed Description

QObexArray is basically a bytearray with additional access functions used for bigger chunks of data and for specific data. Access functions here are byteorder and alignment aware.

Definition at line 33 of file qobexarray.h.

Public Member Functions

void qchar (Q_ULONG byteoffset, QChar v)
QChar qchar (Q_ULONG byteoffset) const
 QObexArray (const QByteArray &a)
 QObexArray (int size)
void uint16 (Q_ULONG byteoffset, Q_UINT16 v)
Q_UINT16 uint16 (Q_ULONG byteoffset) const
void uint32 (Q_ULONG byteoffset, Q_UINT32 v)
Q_UINT32 uint32 (Q_ULONG byteoffset) const
void uint8 (Q_ULONG byteoffset, Q_UINT8 v)
Q_UINT8 uint8 (Q_ULONG byteoffset) const

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