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SDP::UUIDVec KBluetooth::SDP::Service::getClassIdList (  )

Get a vector of UUID of the services class Id List

Definition at line 246 of file sdpservice.cpp.


    SDP::UUIDVec uuidList;

      Attribute ClassIDAttr;
    // Get the the ClassID descriptor list attribute (0x01)
    if (getAttributeByID(0x01 , ClassIDAttr) == false)
        return uuidList;

      AttrVec ClassIDList = ClassIDAttr.getSequence();
    AttrVec::iterator it;
    for(it = ClassIDList.begin(); it != ClassIDList.end(); ++it) {
        if(it->getType() != Attribute::UUID)
    return uuidList;

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