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KBluetooth::DeviceAddress Class Reference

#include <deviceaddress.h>

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Detailed Description

Represents a Bluetooth device address. This class allows easy conversion of Bluetooth addresses from and to strings. It also works with the bdaddr_t type used by BlueZ. The class offers a comparsion and less-than operator, so that it can be used a key in an STL map or similar. The string conversion functions of BlueZ are used internally, so the string format is the same than for BlueZ's ba2str().

Definition at line 30 of file deviceaddress.h.

Public Member Functions

 DeviceAddress (const QString &s)
 DeviceAddress (const bdaddr_t &bdaddr, bool networkbyteorder=false)
 DeviceAddress ()
bdaddr_t getBdaddr (bool networkbyteorder=false) const
 operator QString () const
bool operator< (const DeviceAddress &b) const
bool operator== (const DeviceAddress &b) const

Static Public Attributes

static const DeviceAddress any = DeviceAddress("00:00:00:00:00:00")
static const DeviceAddress invalid = DeviceAddress()
static const DeviceAddress local = DeviceAddress("00:00:00:FF:FF:FF")

Protected Attributes

bdaddr_t bdaddr
bool isValid

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